Stall [verb]

Definition of Stall:

delay for own purposes

Synonyms of Stall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stall:

Sentence/Example of Stall:

It was Philip Crane, standing just outside of the stall, who thus addressed him.

Somehow he felt that he must drive the horses back, back, out of the stall.

And pushing, crowding, hugging the side of the stall, Mortimer fought his way to the girl.

In rushing from Lauzanne's stall Allis had left the door swinging on its hinges.

A boy in my stable happened to be in the stall an' heard 'em.

I had a peep at him in the stall, an' he's lookin' purty fit.

Over at The Dutchman's stall there was a very confident party.

At last there was the summons to saddle, and Lauzanne was brought into the stall by Dixon.

Carelessly he stepped to the back of the stall, touching Westley as he passed.

He may think he can sneak around because you're a woman and stall you.