Hedge [noun]

Definition of Hedge:

boundary, obstacle, especially one made of plants

Synonyms of Hedge:

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Sentence/Example of Hedge:

In 2018, Citi was targeted by ValueAct, an activist hedge fund that has pushed for shakeups at other companies.

In January 2019, he formally set up a hedge fund called Next Alpha, which today, he says, has about $30 million under management.

This has nurtured a renaissance for many macro hedge funds, with some notching up gains not seen since their 1990s heyday.

The average global macro fund is flat this year, according to data from Aurum Fund Management, a firm that invests in hedge funds.

The hedge fund publishes reports on companies that it says has misled investors, while making a bet on the stock price falling.

About a decade ago, Tuberville co-founded a hedge fund that collapsed because of fraud and Tuberville played a substantial role in bringing in potential investors.

Where there is no hedge, the possession shall be spoiled: and where there is no wife, he mourneth that is in want.

I will take away the hedge thereof, and it shall be wasted: I will break down the wall thereof, and it shall be trodden down.

We cut over the fields at the back with him between usstraight as the crow fliesthrough hedge and ditch.

Into the houses, and behind every garden fence and hedge, the retreating Federals gathered.