Bush [noun]

Definition of Bush:

shrubs; woodland

Synonyms of Bush:

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Sentence/Example of Bush:

Bush and Renz have been working together for about a dozen years, producing social justice–driven advertising, short films, and music videos, which means they were very used to collaborating by the time they made the movie.

Bush and Renz are both excited to see how the world receives their movie.

Even though President Obama and President Bush campaigned on bi-partisanship and bringing people together, they failed.

Likewise, in 1988, Bush ultimately won the nomination, but not before coming in third in the Iowa caucuses and having some tense debates with Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole.

The Supreme Court eventually intervened to let stand a preliminary count that awarded Bush the state.

On the other hand, the nationwide movement against police violence may help Bush, as she first rose to prominence amid the 2014 protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which is in the district.

Maples and butterfly bushes prefer alkaline soil, with a pH above 7.

I saw every crook in the fence, every rut in the road, every bush and tree long before we came to it.

Not having completed the loading of his gun, Tom hastily rode behind a dense bush, and concealed himself as well as he could.

About an hour after resuming their walk, the major went off in hot pursuit of an enormous bee, which he saw humming round a bush.