Chaparral [noun]

Definition of Chaparral:

wilderness full of plant and animal life

Synonyms of Chaparral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chaparral:


Sentence/Example of Chaparral:

The blows of the ax, off in the chaparral, were louder in their ears now, and they could hear a mumble of voices.

Both boys were so hard at work that they did not notice the sound of voices had died out in the chaparral.

"Oh, he's chasing a two-legged rat through the chaparral," answered the fat boy carelessly.

Under his pony's bridle he had tucked some sprigs of chaparral to keep away the deer flies.

The impetuous Gila rolled along its yellowish stream between two banks clothed with wood and thick chaparral.

The Miwok relate how a man was hunting in the chaparral south of the Stanislaus when a bear appeared and asked what he was doing.

I figured out that their principal means of existence was in living close to tall chaparral.

The other bear, apparently dismayed by the commotion he had created, turned into the chaparral and disappeared.

Finally it was shot, and is now known as the chaparral cock.

Chaparral, mesquit, and pear were distributed in just proportions.