Die [verb]

Definition of Die:

pass away; stop living

Synonyms of Die:

Opposite/Antonyms of Die:

Sentence/Example of Die:

He was due to begin treatment Monday, the day after he died.

Schottenheimer, who died Monday at the age of 77 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014, was something of surprise hire to replace Norv Turner before the 2001 season.

The Lakers marked the anniversary of the crash in a low-key way last month, and Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, asked people to focus on the victims’ lives rather than the way they died.

Though it can be frustrating to die frequently in these scenarios, with each death you hone your strategy to get the timing right, making it satisfying in the long run.

The patient had used up all her time planning her brother’s funeral after he died of covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

In the seven states hit hardest by the pandemic, more than 1 in every 500 residents have died from the coronavirus.

Pedro Gomez, a longtime baseball reporter at ESPN, died Sunday, the company announced in a statement.

That vehicle was stopped with its flashers on initially, but the battery was dying.

Three Soviet leaders — Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko — died in Reagan’s first years in office.

Four skiers died in an avalanche Saturday in Utah as the death toll among backcountry enthusiasts rose to 21 across seven states this winter.