Expire [verb]

Definition of Expire:

come to an end

Synonyms of Expire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expire:

Sentence/Example of Expire:

The $300 weekly enhanced unemployment benefit replaces the $600 enhanced benefit that expired the week ending July 25.

He remembers watching birds expire in midair as they flew from one side of the plant to the other.

No one is getting that $600 payment right now, though, since it expired at the end of July and Congress is still deadlocked over whether to extend it.

America and Russia updated that treaty when it was to expire in 2009.

Expanded unemployment benefits keeping the economy turning over expire on July 31, one-time checks to families are long spent, and there is still no coordinated federal plan to test for the coronavirus.

The company’s current contract with MTS expires in July 2021, giving the agency and the elected officials from around the region who oversee it an opportunity for serious review.

When a lease is about to expire a difficult question sometimes arises, what can the tenant take away with him?

He begged me to follow him: “I may die under the knife, and I should wish, in that case, to expire in your arms.”

The act which was passed at that time for imposing a tax upon income will shortly expire.

The conquered remain on the battlefield, nearly broken in two, and feebly waving their paws, till they slowly expire in agonies.