Commence [verb]

Definition of Commence:

start action

Opposite/Antonyms of Commence:

Sentence/Example of Commence:

Murat was in no hurry to commence his reign, and his subjects showed no great anxiety to see their new ruler.

He granted her continuance at home, till the year of her noviciate; but that year must come, and it will commence next January.

When a hungry lion is watching for prey, the sight of any animal will make him commence stalking it.

They therefore proceeded to commence operations upon the agricultural constituencies.

Later on he notified the consular body that the bombardment would commence on the 12th of the month.

He was very distinguished looking, they thought, as they stood waiting for him to commence his speech.

Commence your fires on the side, and continue to move after it has burnt hard enough.

Transplanting should commence as early as possible that this result may follow.

It will commence to "warm up" sometime in April or May, and will be ready to sample or uncase about the first of September.

There was reason to fear that the session which was about to commence would be stormy.