Arise [verb]

Definition of Arise:

come into being; proceed

Synonyms of Arise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arise:










Sentence/Example of Arise:

They wanted to see if the pathogen would change and if weakened forms might arise.

Like many Silicon Valley success stories, Snowflake arose from frustrations of an earlier era.

If you ask marketing leaders how their jobs have changed you’ll likely hear about needing backup plans should another crisis arise.

Much of the controversy surrounding the James Beard Foundation has arisen since the awards were canceled, a decision that remains opaque and confusing even to some within the organization.

So when new issues arise, Google’s systems are ready to handle those queries he said.

Also, students can discover why specific scientific questions arose and see how people arrived at the answer we have now.

Instead, asymmetries can also arise from natural variations in where voters live.

In Asia, meanwhile, the blood disorder beta thalassemia is common enough to create similar situations, according to the report, and other such problems can arise in cultures where people frequently marry close cousins.

Satellite operators around the world have an incentive to avoid the sheer chaos that could arise if they all had carte blanche to launch whatever they wanted into space.

These instances are fascinating, Jedd says, and raise the question of how those novel solutions, which presumably weren’t optimal when they first arose, came to replace the ancestral way of fueling the brain.