Appear [verb]

Definition of Appear:

come into sight

Opposite/Antonyms of Appear:

Sentence/Example of Appear:

Under the one-sixth they appear as slender, highly refractive fibers with double contour and, often, curled or split ends.

There is more of artfulness in the flatteries which appear to involve a calculating intention to say the nice agreeable thing.

“You appear to feel it so,” rejoined Mr. Pickwick, smiling at the clerk, who was literally red-hot.

Crystals of urea nitrate or oxalate (Fig. 19) will soon appear and can be recognized with the microscope.

He shall serve among great men, and appear before the governor.

Where the dampness is excessive the fronds take on an unhealthy appearance, and mould may appear.

Still, monsieur, I am willing to proceed upon the lines which would appear to be more agreeable to yourself.

In the New Testament a few examples appear in which his utterances are given a quasi-judicial tone.

When pneumonia occurs during the course of a chronic bronchitis, the characteristic rusty red sputum may not appear.

And this fact seemed pregnant with evidence as to Gordon's state of mind; it did not appear to simplify the situation.