Show [noun]

Definition of Show:

demonstration, exhibition

Synonyms of Show:

Opposite/Antonyms of Show:

Sentence/Example of Show:

I saw 'em fur years, with a big cuttin' out to show the cross-section.

"When we are in Athens, I will show you something more beautiful than these," said Pericles.

I can show you people all right that won't ask to see your union card.

I can show it to you, if you desire it, in my father's handwriting.

The horses have not had any water for two days, and show signs of distress.

The proprietors of the show may be dukes, and earls, and marquisses, and so forth.

You ask me how I would have you show your thankfulness for what I have accomplished for you.

If there were people in the building they did not choose to show a light.

Hawarden library gave every evidence of being for use, and not show.

He then proceeded to show the inadequacy of the figures presented by Mr. O'Connell.