Grandstand [verb]

Definition of Grandstand:

show off

Synonyms of Grandstand:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grandstand:


Sentence/Example of Grandstand:

In front of the grandstand stretched a wide, green field, enclosed with a low fence.

Meanwhile Tom, on the grandstand, was seeing them, and being very proud of his relationship to the Ship o the Fiend.

In the grandstand a group of girls and boys belonging to Riverport had gathered early, having seats adjacent.

They were in the grandstand, each willing and glad to forget, for the moment, just how weirdly wonderful life was.

A hush fell over the grandstand as the home players took their places on the diamond.

You will not do this by any grandstand plays, or even by prayer.

But Laura noted that Colonel Swayne had a prominent seat in the grandstand.

Back on the grandstand was a small group of men, also watching The Prince.

It was intended that the overflow from this grandstand should sit on the grass.

Come with me to the grandstand, all of you, and look at the races.