Fireworks [noun]

Definition of Fireworks:

pyrotechnic display at celebrations

Synonyms of Fireworks:

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Sentence/Example of Fireworks:

Then there was dancing and singing under the palm-trees by old and young, and when evening came there were displays of fireworks.

To make matters worse it was discovered that the paper wrappings of the fireworks in the box were on fire.

It was about ten years before the Civil War that “set pieces” began to form a part of fireworks celebrations.

Fireworks now enter into the celebration of every important event in our national, political and business life.

It is the tumult of the innumerable sight-seers walking about under the illumination and waiting for the fireworks display.

In like manner to the wind putting out the illuminations, the rain put out the fireworks.

Sure—the first was just fireworks—grand-opera stuff—opens up the voice, said OLeary.

Cases of fireworks piled up in the brick warehouse next door to Headquarters.

"There are to be fireworks and lanterns and all sorts of things," observed Aleck, who lay at his ease in the hammock.

They discovered gunpowder, he says, long before we did, but they use it for fireworks in the interests of irony.