Bursts [noun]

Definition of Bursts:

blow-up, blast

Synonyms of Bursts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bursts:

Sentence/Example of Bursts:

Though you should always speak pleasantly, do not mix your conversation with loud bursts of laughter.

Her lips move, and I feel her warm breath on my cheek; but, without uttering a word, she bursts into vehement weeping.

The great white throne is set, and from beneath it a flame bursts forth devouring the guilty objects of his wrath.

Imagine a language, in which to say, "He bursts out laughing," one must use the word s'escacalasso!

Sometimes I was almost deafened with their songs, at others with their bursts of maddened mirth.

Meanwhile from the distance come bursts of wild music; and at last Helena returns—pale, and deeply agitated.

His mother bursts into weeping by his bed, and he tells her that even from the dungeon of pride there may be deliverance.

A few parties, with sudden bursts of white satin and colored brilliance, were leaving the noisy salons.

The sun then bursts out, and the face of Nature appears more gay, animated and splendid than before.

Our driver chuckles, and then bursts out afresh, "Asking the queen to dance!"