Eruption [noun]

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Palladino, she said, was being used to address “bimbo eruptions,” and had been successful at keeping a number of the alleged scandals out of print.

The heat eventually escaped through radiation and volcanic eruptions.

Those eruptions release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and produce fresh new rock for weathering.

Steamboat also seemed to show a seasonal eruption cycle, bursting forth more often during the summer than in the winter.

In terms of sheer number of aerosols sent into the stratosphere, the Australian plumes were on par with the strongest volcanic eruptions in the last 25 years.

A good example is the Ring of Fire, a path along the Pacific Ocean where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are frequent.

That “stuff” might include aerosol particles shot skyward by volcanic eruptions, and even smoke from wildfires.

Historians estimate that around 12,000 people lived in Pompeii and another 12,000 lived on the rich farmland nearby, but we don’t know how many of those people died in the eruption or its aftermath.

Scientists have previously suggested this episode was linked to large volcanic eruptions in the Southern Hemisphere.

Faults caused by volcanic eruptions fractured the landscape and reduced the size of lakes.