Trickle [verb]

Definition of Trickle:

run out

Synonyms of Trickle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trickle:


Sentence/Example of Trickle:

The huge still continued to trickle forth its alcoholic sweat.

There was a trickle of water down the quarsteel he was leaning against!

If this is a trickle then Noah's flood couldn't have been more than a splash.

In Fig. 151, an example of connections for a "Trickle" charge is given.

The sweat was beginning to trickle in the hair of the fat cattle.

A trickle of smoke came up from the chimney and they saw the door was open.

A trickle of smoke was rising from a camp-fire and a man was bending over it.

A trickle of blood dropped to his cheek from a cut over his eye.

There was always a trickle of information into headquarters by subterranean ways.

He lets that trickle through for a minute or so, and then he comes back to life.