Stream [noun]

Definition of Stream:

small river

Synonyms of Stream:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stream:


Sentence/Example of Stream:

A stream of water, pure as crystal, flowed along the path, from the summit to the base.

There's one about a quarter of a mile down the stream—Stetson's boat.

Thoughts of crossing the stream by swimming occurred to him.

They were on the bank of a stream of some width, and apparently a deep and rapid one.

Halbert looked after him, enviously, as he rowed the boat out into the stream.

Running at a low level, the waters of that stream were deplorably dirty.

There is one stream which I dread my inability to stem—it is the tide of Popular Opinion.

The first of these motives is a stream of copious abuse, as in Per.

If the trail continued, it must follow the bed of the stream.

The Judge sprang from the car, leaped the stream, and started toward them.