Tributary [adjective]

Definition of Tributary:

secondary; branch

Synonyms of Tributary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tributary:

Sentence/Example of Tributary:

It proved to be the Rio Virgen --a tributary to the Colorado.

There was one gap in the furze at the mouth of a tributary ghyll.

They had a tributary of the Wyth River to pass on the way to Mattha's house.

We reached it just above the mouth of the Reed River, tributary from the north.

As a result of this the emperor held all Sicily subject and tributary to himself.

The Ravi, a tributary of the Indus, had at this time but little water.

And all the fretted activity of the earth was tributary to his purpose.

It was narrow and shallow and would not be taken at its mouth for so important a tributary.

Beside the highway flows the Red Kill, a tributary of the Schoharie.

About fifty steamboats are in commission on the Magdalena and its tributary, the Cauca.