Satellite [noun]

Definition of Satellite:

small planet that revolves around a larger one

Synonyms of Satellite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Satellite:


Sentence/Example of Satellite:

Gibson was glad, after they had landed on the satellite, that he had taken the advice.

He was familiar with the fourth satellite of Jupiter and its fertile provinces.

The ship swerved and headed for the Martian satellite to which he had been directed.

As they blasted, Strett's satellite began to move out of its orbit.

He beckoned to his Chinese satellite and walked leisurely to the door.

Rose hurried away her sister and satellite, and then let loose her glee.

Thett's satellite was sending its message of instantaneous destruction.

Castlereagh, through his satellite Black, has corrupted them, too.

It was not quite high enough for the satellite, and the velocity was too low.

At about the time he'd expected, they reported ships leaving the satellite.