Feeding [verb]

Definition of Feeding:

give nourishment; augment

Synonyms of Feeding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feeding:

Sentence/Example of Feeding:

The Feeder Robot features BPA-free construction, anti-jam technology, a plastic feeding bowl, and an onboard backup battery so you’ll never have to sacrifice certainty for automated convenience.

A lot of these characteristic features of early tetrapod feeding could have evolved in water for the sake of feeding in water.

She has doubts about the comparison to shark feeding methods and diet based solely on the tooth shape, though, because of fundamental differences between how sharks and mosasaurs bite prey.

He feeds her through a feeding tube and helps her suction saliva, because she can’t swallow it.

Their portable sidewalk tables are a part of downtown Washington’s landscape, and many of them are career vendors, feeding and housing their families for decades, one metal button and polyester flag at a time.

What we found is that it actually had no effect on their amount of movement or feeding behavior.

However, the areas of the brain controlling essential behaviors are thought to be conserved in evolution in all vertebrates, particularly the parts of the hypothalamus that control feeding, reproduction, mating and parenting.

Such studies could help scientists pinpoint the proteins crucial for tick feeding as well as disease transmission.

The space effect also is seen among some of our most distant animal relations, including honeybees, when trained to hungrily extend their feeding tube in response to various odors, their memory lasted longer after spaced training.

The potential feeding areas for our New Zealand population could cover roughly a third of the Southern Ocean.