Regale [verb]

Definition of Regale:

throw a party; have fun

Synonyms of Regale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Regale:

Sentence/Example of Regale:

Because I was beast enough to regale her with a lecture, and that, too, about a mummy.

He has no points, he has no head or tail, But many a jovial party he'll regale.

And when our ears it does regale We find a sting is in its tale.

He should have no good story wherewith to regale his friends.

He is present, prepared to regale them with what he calls his sonnet.

I suppose you intend to regale the sailors before they leave.

They should ornament the castle walls where you regale the country nobles.

Let all that can gladden and regale be poured into the cup of an ungodly man.

Of course I regale him with every new photograph taken of turkeys.

And booths, wherein you might regale, And have a pint of beer, or ale.