Divert [verb]

Definition of Divert:

turn a different direction

Synonyms of Divert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Divert:

Sentence/Example of Divert:

However, the campaign increased mobile spend by an impressive 87%, as the bidding diverted to lower-cost mobile users.

You can divert the traffic you get via mobile search and social media and send them to your mobile-optimized website where you are selling your affiliate products.

The goal is to divert over 165,000 tons of food and yard waste per year until we’re at zero waste by 2040.

After a few months, I noticed the process of fundraising was constantly diverting attention away from clients, customers and growth.

We'll never know, but the sloppy implementation of vaccinations and the president's diverted focus on overturning the election results prevented him from getting any bounce.

That could explain why the authorities diverted his plane last minute from Vnukovo airport, where journalists and hundreds of supporters gathered, to a different Moscow airport.

I sifted through what seemed like hundreds of new thrillers and mysteries meant to divert our attention from the news and the blues of this early winter season.

Indeed, we invented philosophy in order to divert ourselves from the anxieties created by our overactive minds.

Harmful narratives divert attention from important issues facing the community such as employment discrimination and high rates of violence.

Costly supplies sometimes never made it to hospitals, like an order for 5 million masks that in April was diverted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.