Pivot [noun]

Definition of Pivot:

center point about which something

Synonyms of Pivot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pivot:

Sentence/Example of Pivot:

The trussed-up pair started at once to pivot around on the floor.

In a word, the children—they are the pivot about which all regulations of marriage should turn.

But that is the pivot of the whole business, and the important point yet to be proved!

Solder is flowed around the pivot to hold it securely in place.

At all events, he made it the pivot of all reasonings with me.

The Incubator kids swings like they was on a pivot, and piles in after him.

He would be knocked clean off the pivot on which he's revolved these thirty years.

Seems to me every one's travelling on a pivot in the old country.

Now it was the bow gun, now the after pivot, now a full broadside.

Mr. Holmes was already busy swinging the light on its pivot.