Exterior [adjective]

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The exterior is made of super-soft micro-fleece and the interior from organic cotton, which contains hypoallergenic, fine-glass beads.

Strodel, 59, compared the sign to the giant Bromo Seltzer bottle that once adorned the tower of the same name and the advertisements once painted on the brick exteriors of many small businesses.

The final layer on the exterior of the glove can include water-resistance treatment or protection from cuts and wear and tear.

On the exterior is the bran, which looks like a thin brown skin.

DWR is a hydrophobic treatment that helps water bead up and run off the exterior of waterproof garments.

Silveti had paid his brother-in-law to send his workers on vacation and broke a hole in an exterior wall large enough for a truck to pass through.

Use weatherstripping to insulate windows and install a sweep to the bottom of exterior doors.

This ionic, 1,875-watt hair dryer has three temperature and two speed settings, with a quiet sound and sleek exterior.

So it’s important to look at the interior and exterior materials that line the hat.

Not your typical plastic cup the twist pattern prism design styled exterior offers a unique visual interest which would make it a great choice for parties and a great match for fruity drinks and iced teas.