Superficial [adjective]

Definition of Superficial:

without depth, detail

Opposite/Antonyms of Superficial:

Sentence/Example of Superficial:

It consisted of a superficial ablution and the loan of a handkerchief.

And I thought how strangely callous we were, how superficial our sympathy.

But presently it became evident that her interest was more than superficial.

Of the courts of law he gives what he calls a superficial sketch.

And how was I to make even the most superficial search in three days?

That is what the superficial public says, but I know better.

His mirth had some superficial signs of shamefacedness, but it was hopeful underneath.

But these were superficial fears, and in her heart she was not afraid.

Its object was not the fundamental why, but the superficial how, of this affair.

And to call him black was the superficial impressionism of the ignorant.