Frivolous [adjective]

Definition of Frivolous:

trivial, silly

Opposite/Antonyms of Frivolous:

Sentence/Example of Frivolous:

No matter how dangerous and frivolous it would be to create a “January exception” for impeachable conduct, and despite overwhelming the evidence that he stoked the MAGA mob, they will let him walk.

It’s that we suspect Hawley knows one of these arguments is legally weak and that the other is frivolous.

Under Mayor Bill de Blasio, the city has moved to limit payouts on what the mayor described early in his administration as “frivolous lawsuits” against the NYPD.

Such widespread play must be more than just a frivolous whim of nature.

Many denounce the system of morning calls as silly, frivolous, and a waste of time.

Romarino paid a little court to her in his frivolous way; but she did not observe it, or, at all events, took no notice of it.

If the invention be frivolous or pernicious, the inventor cannot secure for it legal protection.

I am going to be frivolous, coquette, and imagine myself a girl of the old Southern Set, when there were no new people.

Scarcely anything has been written against the French Academy, except frivolous and insipid pleasantries.

We do not employ the same means for bettering our position as we do in pursuing frivolous and fanciful things.