Whimsical [adjective]

Definition of Whimsical:

playful, fanciful; capricious; fanciful

Synonyms of Whimsical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whimsical:

Sentence/Example of Whimsical:

Mary rejoined, with a whimsical pout, as she seated herself.

He realized its hopelessness when K. lapsed into whimsical humor.

All of which is an easy logic, but a whimsical enough way of putting it.

With a whimsical shake of the head Coryston returned to his chair.

Gilbert exclaimed, looking up at Henry with a whimsical smile.

People said that she invariably followed her own whimsical inclinations.

Harry felt a whimsical moving of sympathy towards the preacher.

He uttered the words with a nasal intonation, and a whimsical look at Kenneth.

In the end he took a whimsical resolve, entirely worthy of himself.

A whimsical light encroached on the set look in his blue eyes.