Funny [adjective]

Definition of Funny:

comical, humorous

Opposite/Antonyms of Funny:

Sentence/Example of Funny:

The hashtag itself also has to be memorable, funny or otherwise worth sharing.

Maybe there are a few poems or funny stories written by the contributors.

Given how ubiquitous Uber and other ride-sharing services have become, it’s funny to think they weren’t even around ten years ago.

In quarantine, though, his show has become something to see most nights, even when it’s not particularly funny.

As you might expect, the Sense also comes equipped with an ECG sensor that can help monitor your heart rhythm if you feel like something funny is going on.

I’ve seen a lot of parents in my social media feed sharing funny stories, jokes and memes.

This is so funny because I always say, “You’ve got another thing coming,” but, listening to that it sounds like think is the correct answer.

May looked along at the dimpled grace, And then at the saint-like, fair old face, “How funny!”

We were speaking of the faculty of mimicry, and he told me such a funny little anecdote about Chopin.

He looked up, half shutting his one funny eye, and cocking one ear up, and letting the other droop down.