Mirthful [adjective]

Definition of Mirthful:


Synonyms of Mirthful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mirthful:


Sentence/Example of Mirthful:

Miss Georgie Howard nodded her—head three times, and her eyes were mirthful.

I burst into a fit of laughter, which was not so mirthful as it might seem.

But mirthful sounds arose, the banquet was at last being served.

John and Mary looked at each other with a nod of mirthful approval.

Keep your laughter for the end, and see whether it will be so mirthful.

"There, boy," he said, wiping the mirthful tears from his eyes.

My experience, both serious and mirthful, combats this conclusion.

"I am reasonably sure that you will," was Miriam's mirthful reply.

It was not a pleasant laugh, nor was it in the least mirthful.

I suppose that my smile persisted, and was not a mirthful one.