Jolly [adjective]

Definition of Jolly:

laughing, joyful

Synonyms of Jolly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jolly:

Sentence/Example of Jolly:

I was just screaming, walking up hallways, just this big jolly queen.

Chairman Neil Chatterjee, a former policy adviser to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, shared the news in a jolly Twitter post.

Mrs. Jolly Robin had often wished—when she was trying to feed a rapidly-growing family—that she could hunt forp.

And then Jolly Robin would feel ashamed that he had even thought of being so cruel to an infant bird, even if he was a Cowbird.

And then, probably, Jolly Robin would laugh and tell her not to mind, for there ought to be worms enough for everybody.

Then a shower of dirt flew into their faces and both Jolly Robin and his wife tumbled over backward.

While the refined exquisite was giving his order, a jolly western drover had listened with opened mouth and protruding eyes.

Jolly Robin told her that she would find things much the same, no matter where she lived.

And since nobody answered, Jolly Robin seemed to think he had silenced Mrs. Robin—for once.

They became quite jolly as cocktails and red liquor flowed and tingled their veins.