Daffy [adjective]

Definition of Daffy:

silly, crazy

Synonyms of Daffy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daffy:


Sentence/Example of Daffy:

Oh, mother, you're daffy about the Rexhills, why not admit it and be done with it?

Conservation that does not make use of resources rapidly going to waste is Conservation gone daffy.

Mike grinned, remembering the time he had driven a robot brain daffy by bluffing it at poker.

"You have the air of a daffy young Englishman just arrived in the Colonies to make your fortune," she said.

Are you clean daffy, doin' a barn dance around that rusty capstan, makin' a noise fit to frighten the fish?

What usually happens to the men who are associated with you in any enterprise: they get daffy over you.

The young people were quite aghast at the news that the person with whom this strange being lived was considered daffy.

Queer little animals that come only from Daffy land can be made of the single daffodil-blossoms.

My gov'nor would give a few sovs for that Sapphire; he's entirely daffy on the subject of Indian curios.

Fig. 145 is Miss Daffy-down-dilly, who has just come to town and is feeling very bashful about it.