Demented [adjective]

Definition of Demented:

crazy, insane

Opposite/Antonyms of Demented:

Sentence/Example of Demented:

She paused when she was beside the bed, and stood looking down upon him in that demented fashion.

She made no reply, trembled, put her hair and her clothes straight again with the fingers of a woman demented.

The demented girl seemed not to hear, she did not even raise her eyes, and continued swaying to and fro and to laugh.

Ah, I see you think I am demented because I say that, but my husband is alive.

Letter has just come, and I am demented about my new godchild!

A more demented crew never drifted to the rear of broken battalions.

He was regarded as a lunatic, a demented man, because he professed to believe in a personal God.

Then I took an imaginary case—that of some old demented man mumbling of his former state.

Upon one point he was positively demented—the only four-footed maniac I ever knew.

His view was that a demented person who was willing to sacrifice his own life could take the President's life.