Hysterical [adjective]

Definition of Hysterical:

very upset, excited

Opposite/Antonyms of Hysterical:

Sentence/Example of Hysterical:

Madame Lebrun grew a trifle hysterical; Robert called his brother some sharp, hard names.

Impudent and reckless us he had been all his life, he was now more timid and nervous than an hysterical girl.

I know quantities of hysterical European women make fools of themselves out here, but I am not hysterical, I assure you.

She snatched them from him, and burst into a fit of hysterical crying, which ended in a faintness almost as of death.

His men sprang into the guard-room of the keep, realizing from his almost hysterical manner the urgent need for haste.

Others will receive every observation with a little hysterical giggle.

I want to believe him; I want to believe him, all this in a semi-hysterical way addressed to the violinists portrait on the piano.

Even the children were not whimpering, the tawdry women were not hysterical, not a parrot raised his voice nor a dog whined.

After a brief hysterical outburst Cousin stood erect and ceased struggling with me.

He flung himself into his chair, hid his face with his hands, and burst into hysterical tears.