Rampant [adjective]

Definition of Rampant:

uncontrolled, out of hand

Opposite/Antonyms of Rampant:

Sentence/Example of Rampant:

Newly facing the evil of the world, she was a rampant reformer at once.

When the brick-house era sets in, the middleman will be rampant.

And yet the seeds of it must be in your heart, or it could not all at once shew itself so rampant.

Heterodoxy in details of faith is rampant, and is no obstacle to Christian fellowship.

Credit is woefully inflated; speculation and waste are rampant.

It was genius, rampant and undisciplined, but unmistakable; and she told him so.

Those two rampant enemies in the same pew had been unclebentleyed.

The spirit of disunion was rampant in all parts of the South.

Malignancy was rampant and Arnold was pursued with great bitterness.

The Bunny-house might have been a cage of tigers, so rampant were the cats at this new move.