Epidemic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Epidemic:

America’s coronavirus epidemic hit blue states particularly hard at first, especially in the Northeast.

Parents care about safety, and they feel that bullying has become an epidemic in our schools.

We didn’t take a stand on ending gun violence and the gun violence epidemic because of the impact that it has on perpetuating racism in this country.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown anyone paying attention that epidemics do not end at borders.

We have high rates of heart disease and diabetes and these factors make an already dangerous epidemic particularly lethal to folks like me, and to my community.

As the opioid epidemic was forced to cede priority to the more immediate crisis of Covid-19, many of the resources devoted to treatment and research of opioid abuse were curtailed or put on pause.

In the wake of that epidemic, the current South Korean government remade its pandemic plans, which added unprecedented levels of public information and testing.

More often, though, epidemics are occasions for discrimination against ethnic and social groups.

That was before the viral epidemic reached the United States.

WHO also had hoped that calling it merely an epidemic might emphasize that nations still could be able to “contain” the virus once it reaches a new country.