Prevailing [adjective]

Definition of Prevailing:

general, dominant

Opposite/Antonyms of Prevailing:

Sentence/Example of Prevailing:

For they were in hopes of prevailing upon my father to forbid his visits.

No human being but YOU could have any chance of prevailing with her.

I will see Mr Adams, and I make no doubt of prevailing with him.

For long weeks these were to be the prevailing conditions in our homeward march.

My reader must not imagine that the prevailing silence of the house oppressed me.

And then our enchantment is heightened by a prevailing duplication.

Nor did the prevailing astonishment at the discovery seem to concern them.

The steam turbine of Curtis or Parsons is today the prevailing engine.

He cast his eye around upon the prevailing hair-cloth and varnish.

The prevailing trait in their mental attitude is incredulousness.