Individual [adjective]

Definition of Individual:

distinctive, exclusive

Synonyms of Individual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Individual:

Sentence/Example of Individual:

In addition, she says, “I do worry about the vaccine hesitant group of individuals.”

However, the marketers’ internal models typically don’t get into the specifics of individual media channels.

In some states, like Nebraska, individual counties are expanding access to mail-in voting in absence of a statewide directive.

It remains to be seen if it will be picked up as an individual piece of legislation.

In the past decade, Los Angeles and other counties throughout California have stopped using gang injunctions because research has proven them harmful to families, communities, the individual and eventually society.

Widespread mask wearing could help contain such explosive viral replication from spreading beyond a single individual.

Take the growing pressure on those individuals steering these efforts, many of whom aren’t even being properly paid to do so.

It will be a source of entrepreneurship, innovation, and inspiration to find solutions to problems that individuals, societies, and the natural world face.

The sprawling measure included hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to companies, and individuals in the form of a $600 weekly boost to unemployment insurance.

Climate and other conditions on individual farms create warmer-insulated birds and warmer-insulating down.