Only [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Only:

In Captain Joseph Pelham's mind there was only-one answer to this question,—that the lad should come to him.

In the first place the boys all spoke to him in that specially offensive you're-only-a-little-kid sort of way.

He called Murgatroyd, placed him before the communicator, and set it at voice-only transmission.

If I had only had a pistol I would have shot him, but boy scouts don't carry pistols-only in crazy story books.

She'd be hopeless in a sick-room; and this is a real keep-your-distance, Sundays-only sick-room, ain't it, Sarah Gamp?

Madame—You know very well that I would not make an abuse of it-only a sou's worth.

Then, for many moments, her face buried in Rosa Marie's neck, the only-half-civilized mother sobbed unrestrainedly.

You will find it nice and warm and dry-only dark; and you will know I am near you by every roll and pitch of the vessel.

I knew now that I had been in love with Brown for months and had been miserable and restless because he was-only Brown.

But I grant you it's just a little like it, only-what shall I say?