Isolated [adjective]

Definition of Isolated:

unique; private

Opposite/Antonyms of Isolated:

Sentence/Example of Isolated:

In mid-January, the group proved that one of the isolated rational tetrahedra does not fill space.

Sudden, radical changes in our tech behaviors run the risk of making us feel even more isolated at a time when a lot of us need more ways to connect.

We’ve learned that in many cases they are more isolated, poorer than before with no family and no support.

If coronavirus transmission crosses three separate classrooms and contact tracing cannot be attributed to an isolated incident, Jackson said a school will revert to online learning for 14 days.

Science also doesn’t stand isolated from the societies that have generated it.

One benefit is that the personal pods secure groups of people into their own little isolated clusters.

However, he adds, 10 hours isn’t that long to spend isolated from anyone else.

Each of dozens of times the Girl Scouts complained about unfair marketing, the Boy Scouts responded by blaming individuals, churches or others for what they said was an isolated incident, the lawyers said.

Until around a century ago, an isolated thinker had a chance of touching off a sweeping intellectual upheaval.

In tough, isolated destinations, techniques and designs are created and passed down through generations.