Random [adjective]

Definition of Random:

haphazard, chance

Synonyms of Random:

Opposite/Antonyms of Random:

Sentence/Example of Random:

She interrupted him quickly, and was so agitated that she stammered her words at random.

Some of our men were firing their guns at random into the underbrush.

The names of Ned are taken a good deal at random; and, doubtless, are often misspelled.

I answered at random and longed for the meal to end —until I remembered my lecture.

But Mr. Perkins does not take the word of a stranger at random.

Vivian shot at random, and his bullet pierced Cleveland's heart.

It is a matter of a delicate nature, madam, and therefore, must not be spoken at random.

They wandered through a field of flowers capriciously, at random.

I 'm not the sort that speaks at random, as you ought to know by this time.

Here is a specimen, taken at random from the first month's sheaf.