Withdrawn [adjective]

Definition of Withdrawn:


Opposite/Antonyms of Withdrawn:

Sentence/Example of Withdrawn:

After they had withdrawn, no other footsteps approached the sacred place.

My mother, I thought, might have withdrawn with me, as she knows that I have not a friend in my sister.

As for George, he had withdrawn into the dusky shadow behind his father's chair.

She could scarcely endure the aloofness with which he had withdrawn into himself.

I threw them a shilling: the hay-rope was withdrawn, and at last we went on.

The fire should then be withdrawn, and the cake allowed to get cold in the oven.

Cyrus had withdrawn from the stove, and was feeling his chin, uncertainly.

But he had not withdrawn his arm, and his gaze still dwelt on hers.

In a moment the girl had withdrawn, and the old man stood within the door.

She had not withdrawn her hand, when the sleeper opened her eyes and started.