Disinterested [adjective]

Definition of Disinterested:

detached, uninvolved

Opposite/Antonyms of Disinterested:

Sentence/Example of Disinterested:

Never believe, however disinterested the love of a kept woman may be, that it will cost one nothing.

The disinterested historians state ingenuously that Joanna was not guilty of this crime, although the others accuse her of it.

"Then, for once, I've found a disinterested female in a coaxing mood," replied this modern Diogenes.

Here they drew off, and their apparently disinterested hearer turned the page of his paper.

The Government cannot fail to reward with a bit of red ribbon so disinterested, so philanthropic a devotion.

Again and again in reading Spanish history do we come upon evidences of this nobility of courage and disinterested patriotism.

What I needed, when I arrived, was an honest and disinterested cicerone to put me on my guard against people and things.

Disinterested in the extreme with regard to pecuniary affairs, he is insatiably covetous of fame.

The eastern boundary question was referred to the New York Council as being disinterested and near the spot.

Other men might find her pliant, pleasing, seductive; he alone knew her as disinterested.