Subjective [adjective]

Definition of Subjective:

emotional; based on inner experience rather than fact

Synonyms of Subjective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subjective:

Sentence/Example of Subjective:

This was the subjective which corresponded to the objective 'All is flux.'

There are three subjective principles of morals,—sympathy, benevolence, self-love.

No one saw that this objective was really a subjective, and involved the subjectivity of all knowledge.

But the ideas themselves are not subjective, and therefore are not within our ken.'

This it is not; it has an objective existence, but no subjective.

Like his other hymns most of his hymns to the Savior are objective rather than subjective.

Here again the historian is obliged to use a subjective method.

Then, to the subjective self that never sleeps, the message is delivered.

Why, then, does not the working of a machine present a subjective side?

How can subjective time be measured when there is no objective reality?