Introspective [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Introspective:

The coronavirus crisis and the switch to remote working and meetings has made it more difficult for employees to stand out, especially for those who are quiet and introspective.

Armstrong, one of the cryptocurrency industry’s more introspective Bitcoin bulls, has urged exercising caution before.

It portrays lockdown as a patient, introspective time when people read and danced and “listened more deeply.”

Brands have listened, and have been introspective about how they can show up for customers.

Just how he should do this gave him occasional delightfully introspective moments in which he played with possibilities.

They become absolutely introspective and their surroundings fail utterly, in pronounced cases, to produce any reaction in them.

Thus confronted, Mr. Dean looked very solemn and introspective, while the others waited.

He had never been an introspective man in the philosophic sense, and he never had thought that he was of much account.

Karl von Rosen listened, then his large eyes again turned introspective.

Then—the eyes retired in on themselves, became introspective.