Thoughtful [adjective]

Definition of Thoughtful:

caring, mindful

Opposite/Antonyms of Thoughtful:

Sentence/Example of Thoughtful:

The announcement brought with it a long and thoughtful pause.

His look was bright and thoughtful and his bearing attractive.

Wanhope waited for a thoughtful moment of censure eventuating in toleration.

Especially is this so with thoughtful, sober-minded boys like the young Napoleon.

She was standing a little apart from me, her eyes cast down and thoughtful.

I felt it was so thoughtful of him to give me this admonition.

But as for Sam, as soon as he recovered he shook his head in thoughtful deprecation.

Bright and thoughtful people differ as to what might, can, and should be done.

Little Dorrit's thoughtful eyes met hers, tenderly and quietly.

His manner of imparting information, is thoughtful, and appropriate to the scene.