Uncivil [adjective]

Definition of Uncivil:


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Sentence/Example of Uncivil:

"You need not be uncivil," returned Bywater, with great suavity.

And my opinion is that you are as uncivil as I've proved you to be untruthful.

This was uncivil enough, but Sir Francis did not take it amiss.

There is nothing so uncivil at times as to be cuttingly polite.

As you call me brother; I am not an uncivil person after all, sister.

If I did not like you, it would be uncivil of you to say you had found it out, unless I treated you rudely.

Wouldst thou be so uncivil as to say no to her invitation, if she sent to thee, to come?

As it is, Mr. Wayne, I don't want to say a word that's uncivil.

I hope it's not uncivil to say that you can be, and ought to be, in gaol.

"But you did not tell me what made him so uncivil," continued Nellie.