Ungentlemanly [adjective]

Definition of Ungentlemanly:


Synonyms of Ungentlemanly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungentlemanly:

Sentence/Example of Ungentlemanly:

It would be most ungentlemanly to press the subject any further.

This was not only an ungentlemanly, but also an ungodly act on Jupiters part.

Ungentlemanly conduct in the House stinks in their nostrils.

You are unwarrantably accusing me of a most ungentlemanly proceeding.

You are right when you describe such conduct as ungentlemanly.

How could he have been so harsh for such a trifle, and ungentlemanly too.

There was not a sign of ungentlemanly hurry in any part of it.

The bow should never degenerate into a nod; this is both ungracious and ungentlemanly.

We agreed that sulking would be ridiculous, unmanly, ungentlemanly.

Shocking and ungentlemanly terms, and what is worse, actionable.