Impolitic [adjective]

Definition of Impolitic:

unwise, careless

Synonyms of Impolitic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impolitic:

Sentence/Example of Impolitic:

I cannot say how this affected others, but to me it seemed hardly more ill-mannered than impolitic.

Sir Rowland remembered what Mr. Wilding had said, and bethought him that it were impolitic in him to repeat it.

So grossly unjust was Paterson's scheme; and yet it was less unjust than impolitic.

Loud and repeated hallooing, or the severe use of the lash, is as impolitic as it is cruel and disgraceful.

Moreover, we felt it highly impolitic to admit that there was any place in existence where Englishmen couldnt walk.

The action would have been impolitic, but what a temptation he crushed down, and what an effort it necessitated.

Wedderburn's speech and the spirit in which it was received were impolitic as well as discreditable.

Moreover, it was impolitic in the highest degree, making the Czar a bitter enemy of England for four years.

It would be impolitic to jeopardize his whole ambition by any deviation from the letter of the Erfurt agreement.

To soil either would be injudicious, impolitic, and she never desired the injudicious and impolitic.