Snide [adjective]

Definition of Snide:

hateful, nasty

Synonyms of Snide:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snide:

Sentence/Example of Snide:

Some newscast would be sure to get hold of the story and there'd be snide accusations.

He resented the snide bit of conditioning, but respected it at the same time.

Most on us is wasters; the game of the snide un's to be a Prize Plant.

The "snide" was led back to the station house and put in a cell.

I guess I ain't told you much you don't know about your snide business.

I will be content with what is sent me; but I think the chain is oroide, and I know the shirt studs are snide.

The head buyer give him beans for bein' fooled over a snide lot of trash like that, so what he does is to visit it on us.

What does occur, however, is a perceptive if snide elaboration upon the mask.

The "snide" recognized at once that the two young fellows were "on to him," as the saying goes.

The "snide" was actually caught with his ear to the keyhole, so suddenly had the door opened.