Hurtful [adjective]

Definition of Hurtful:

injurious, cruel

Synonyms of Hurtful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurtful:

Sentence/Example of Hurtful:

This full-stop disconnection is unexpected, perplexing and hurtful.

But, even subtle micro aggressions, such as a snide comment on a celeb coming out, can be hurtful, they added.

A few months of restarting your cycle might get you back around to hurtful.

She said it’s hurtful when people she knows in real life are the ones doing the harassing, but she said social media harassment doesn’t bother her because they’re being made by people who don’t actually know her.

It’s hurtful, and it does make me feel like maybe it’s impossible.

The island is especially favoured; it contains no poisonous or hurtful insects or reptiles.

Many novels are hurtful because of the many false ideas interwoven in the stories.

Many hurtful acts, indeed, came to be viewed as crimes alike against God and man, and punishable in the interests of both.

His powerful logic would surprise,Amaze, and much delight: He proved that dimness of the eyesWas hurtful to the sight.

Nothing can be more hurtful to science than the dogmatic assumption that the hypothesis most in fashion is scientific.