Poisonous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Poisonous:

If there is a poisonous one among them, the onion will turn black.

It is some of the rivers flowing into it that are poisonous.

Chemistry cannot tell us why some food is wholesome and other food is poisonous.

From this I quote the following, which is by no means the most erring and most poisonous of their shafts.

"They're just weeds and some of them might be poisonous," he declared.

There is no poisonous species with which one is likely to confound it.

There are no fixed rules by which you can tell a poisonous from an edible mushroom.

It is not poisonous but its odor will prevent any one from eating it.

Let the memory of this act as a curb upon your poisonous tongue in future.

Every country has its ruffian element, every country has its poisonous press.